2004 ABA World Champion,
Brent "Pee Wee" Lee - K7BMX

Clips of Brent in action (DSL or better recommended!)

2003 ABA Grand National, Tulsa OK (C) 2.4 MB

2005 ABA Grand National, Tulsa OK (C) 2.5 MB

2005 ABA Grand National, Tulsa OK (X) 2.5 MB

The "Pee Wee" Lee Honda Civic LX Page


USS Hancock CVA19
USS Hancock CVA-19 Tribute Page
A glimpse into the days aboard the
aircraft carrier USS Hancock CVA-19
during the Vietnam era
  Dillard ...
(1985 - 2003)
Test Drive
(DNR Style)
Rob's car pics from the past
Some of the webmaster's grocery getters over the years

SPS Region
Radio Site System Upgrade Status
American Bicycle Association
Pee Wee's
ABA District Points Record Book
A national analysis of ABA District Points (1977-1996)
featuring perhaps the most prolific district points racer
in the history of the sport, Brent "Pee Wee" Lee,
now closing in on a half million district points.
WR7JM 146.70 Repeater Buck Mountain

Established by the Radio Club of Tacoma to honor Tacoma dentist
and distinguished club member Dr. F. Clifford J. "Doc" Spike W7OS

  Kilowatt Seven Junk Yard Dawg

State Channel Radio Users Group (SCRUG)
Options for linking EMD, USDA Forest Service and WDFW/DNR
consoles with the Natural Resources Building base station.

2002 FCCA 53rd Annual Conference
To be hosted by the State of Virginia Department of Forestry
Advance Information 


2001 FCCA 52nd Annual Conference
Olympia, Washington
July15-18, 2001

Registration, General Information, Accommodations, Agendas and Links

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